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    It’s tragic that people don’t tell each other what they feel when they’re alive. We don’t tell each other we love one another. We don’t point out the positives in one another.
    Yet when someone dies, all people want to do is talk about how much they loved them, how great of a person they are. Even if they never actually told the person that.
    And honestly, what use is that?
    Think about it. When someone commits suicide, everyone points out how wonderful said person was. People talk about how much they love them, and then at the grave, the love confessions come out, but it’s too late. We’re so afraid to tell each other we love one another, because we don’t want it to be weird or awkward. But we’ll say it to them when they’re dead, when they can’t react.
    If the worse thing you can tell a person is that you love them; then tell them. Everyone wants to hear that they’re loved. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t say “oh I’ll tell them tomorrow” because there may not be a tomorrow. Tell people how you feel when you feel it. There’s always room for more love in this world.
    The tragedy isn’t someone not returning your love. Part of loving someone is accepting that they may not always love you back the way you love them, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel different. That isn’t tragic. It’s hard, sure, but it’s not tragic.
    No, the real tragedy is loving someone, and waiting until it’s too late to tell them.

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